Time to decorate!


I’ve been a pretty good cook and baker since I started getting into it in my early teens. I don’t know why it took until I had a child to decide that I wanted to be able to decorate as well. This is my first attempt to do any kind of decorating with a cake. I’m going to need a lot of practice before I can produce anything good, but luckily my son isn’t a harsh critic.

I found the recipe for the cake here Life Love and Sugar

I didn’t make any changes to the recipe at all a and it was amazing. A warning though, it is super rich. This is the first time that I was unable to finish a slice of cake. Half of a normal slice came out just right.

My wife and I want our son to have a healthier relationship with food than we do so we are beginning to experiment with clean eating and cutting way down on the amount of processed foods that we eat. Tomorrow I’m going to start trying to make homemade snacks for our son starting with cheez-its. After that we’ll move up to graham crackers and hopefully goldfish crackers and animal crackers with the actual shapes that you can get in the store.

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