Mickey Mouse Cozy Coupe


My second attempt at renovating a cozy coupe went more smoothly than the first, but I learned even more along the way. This time I did some research into taking a cozy coupe apart since I wanted the roof a different color than the body.

The first using a pair of pliers and a screw driver to remove the gas cap. There are four prongs that have to be pushed, one at a time, toward the center of the cap while you pull up to get past the lip of plastic. The steering wheel can come out by turning the car upside down and squeezing to plastic pieces on the shaft to let it slide out of the hole. Getting the roof detached was just a matter of taking out two screws behind the headrest and lifting the back of the roof up. This rotated it enough for the front supports to pop out of their holes.

Someone that knows more about tools than I do could have probably done this next part more easily but I’m more of a baker than a craftsman. I cut a long strip of cardboard from a box, soaked it in water and set it on the roof of the car where I wanted to place the ears. When it dried I was able to use it to trace the curve of the roof onto a pice of cardboard and ten draw a template for the ears. That also let me hold that up to the car to make sure that they looked right. Then it was off to my brother in law’s house for help cutting out the ears out of 3/4″ plywood. A few quick passes with the sander and they were nice and smooth. Drilled a couple of pilot holes and using 4″ screws and washers to keep the screw heads from digging into the roof of the car and it was time to paint.

Once again using the Krylon fusion I was able to use one can of red and about a can and a half of black finish it up. I found out the hard way though that they weren’t kidding about it taking a full week for the paint to be chip resistant and had to touch up parts after putting the roof back on. Turns out taking it apart is much easier then putting it back together, but that’s true of most things. A couple of 4″ white vinyl circles later and Mickey was ready to become a birthday present for my cousin’s son.

Mickey was a huge hit and I’ve been told that the birthday boy has even been demanding to take his meals in there.

I’ve been asked to do a Minnie Mouse and will post that when it’s done. I have the bow and ears ready and I’m just waiting on the cozy coupe from the friends that want it done.


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