My nephew donated his old cozy coupe to my son and I wanted to fix it up for him.  I had seen a Batmobile cozy coupe on Pinterest and since I love Batman I decided that this would be perfect.

I wanted to keep my cost down so I decided to use painter’s tape instead of trying to find and but decals the right size.  So, the first step was to measure the doors to see how large of a logo I should use.  Then it was off to Google image search to find the right logo.  I had no idea that there were as many different logos as there are.  Once I found this one I copied it into a word program and set the view to “actual size”.  This let me resize the image as many times as I needed while I held my tape measurer to my monitor to get it right.  Then I printed out copies for the sides, front, roof, and headrest. A plastic grocery bag tied over each wheel was a super easy way to keep the paint off of them. I used the Krylon Fusion and had great success with getting it to bond to the plastic.  I sprayed yellow where I wanted the logos, the seat, gas cap, and supports. Once it was dry I used painters tape to cover an area larger then the printed logo, taped the logo over the painters tape, and proceeded to use my box cutter to cut out the logo (I have since bought an x-acto knife and would recommend that you do the same). Peel off the excess tape, cover the supports and gas cap with tape and two cans of black spray paint later we had a Batmobile. A sharpie worked perfectly for the license plate.

Thanks to Craigslist I’ve been able to purchase and renovate a couple more cozy coupes and was able to figure out how to take them apart to make it easier, but that’s info for another post.


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